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The Death OF Eternity


Tibor, a Hungarian eco-activist, has some shocking news for the residents of the West African village of Nunsa: they are at the centre of a new Bermuda Triangle, in which industrial pollution, AIDS and terrorism combine to create an environment from which no man may escape alive.

In Hungary, Tibor has problems – a frustrated girlfriend, a wayward brother and the mysterious whereabouts of his mother’s corpse. But these are dwarfed by the daunting mission he undertakes in Africa. Tibor becomes a messiah figure to the villagers, the strange white man, and leads them in a struggle against global industry.

Faced with ignorance, corruption and assassination plots, Tibor must adopt increasingly extreme methods. But how far is he prepared to go in his campaign of terror? Is terrorism the only means of change? And will even that be enough to prevent the ultimate threat to all living creatures, the death eternity.

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