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Publish with Us

Send your Manuscript

Publish with us

You can send your manuscript to us. Once your submission is received it is considered for publication by an editor, who will assess your content, subject matter and suitability to our publishing standard.
For further enquiries, please call: 07068112005 (Adeosun) or 08023470167 (Ms Shaba).

Special Publication Procedure

The hard or electronic copy of your work will be submitted for assessment.

The assessment of the work will enable us to know its viability for publishing. It will also give us the opportunity to offer advice for the improvement of the work, if and where necessary.

You will pay for the assessment. A page for assessment is ₦150. In other words, the sum of ₦150 will be multiplied by the total volume of the work, excluding the preliminary pages.

The report of the assessment will be ready and communicated to you after three weeks from the date of payment.

If the assessment report is favourable, i.e. if the manuscript is publishable, we would proceed to the next stage (preparation of an estimate) on your consent.

A provisional estimate will be done based on the quantity you want us to produce, i.e. the numbers of copies of book you want us to publish for you. Minimum copies you can produce is 1000 copies, for cost effectiveness.

On receiving the cost estimate, you are to make an advance payment of 75% of the total sum. This enables us to purchase printing materials such as paper in view of unstable prices of the materials. The total sum covers editorial and production costs of the work.

The remaining balance of 25% shall be paid when the book has been published, and before delivery.

Traditional Publication Procedure

Submit your proposal indicating the nature and scope of your work. This will be evaluated and acceptance or rejection notice will be sent to you within 14 to 28 days.

Upload your Proposal

    Submit an electronic copy of your manuscript for assessment if you receive an acceptance notice. The assessment will give us the opportunity to offer suggestions for improvement or outright rejection if the assessment is unfavourable.

    If your manuscript is accepted, a formal letter will be written to you. Once the terms and conditions are agreed upon, the publishing process commences. You will be carried along to give clarity where necessary as editorial and other production work progress.

    Upload your Manuscript

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