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The Easter holiday is here again and, of course, there are lots of activities you can engage in to keep yourself and your loved ones busy and entertained. However, a very vital activity that you must not miss this season is reading. This is because, apart from entertainment and relaxation, reading broadens our perspective and imaginations which in turn encourages us to think.

On this note, we have compiled a list of 10 books you can purchase right away and read this season for your relaxation, entertainment and general knowledge acquisition. Keep scrolling to select your choice, then sit back, relax and enjoy!

  • Roses and Bullets

This is a compelling and riveting narrative about the Nigerian Civil War executed in a haunting style. This great book is authored by the award-winning Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo and published by University Press Plc. This book comes from a voice of experience, providing depth and insight into a traumatic period in Nigeria’s life in a most moving, graphic way. It is indeed a must-read.

Click here https://bit.ly/Roses-and-Bullet to buy.

  • The Death of Eternity

Tibor, a Hungarian eco-activist, has some shocking news for the residents of the West African village of Nunsa: they are at the centre of a new Bermuda Triangle, in which industrial pollution, AIDS and terrorism combine to create an environment from which no man may escape alive.

In Hungary, Tibor has problems – a frustrated girlfriend, a wayward brother and the mysterious whereabouts of his mother’s corpse. But these are dwarfed by the daunting mission he undertakes in Africa. Tibor becomes a messiah figure to the villagers, the strange white man, and leads them in a struggle against global industry.

Faced with ignorance, corruption and assassination plots, Tibor must adopt increasingly extreme methods. But how far is he prepared to go in his campaign of terror? Is terrorism the only means of change? And will even that be enough to prevent the ultimate threat to all living creatures, the death eternity? Find out by getting yourself a copy of this book.

Click here https://bit.ly/Death-of-Eternity to buy.

  • Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a quick reference text which provides an overview of the issues surrounding the act of modern-day slavery, touching on the scope of the problem, the regional trends in trafficking patterns and discussing the roles played by key actors – governmental, non-governmental agencies and developmental partners in the fight and prevention of human trafficking.

Gabriel Feyisetan, the author of this book, demonstrates a knowledgeable understanding of the shared global school of thought on human trafficking. He sets in motion both the developmental and economic issues as caused by the act. With the testimony of victims, he exposes how this social evil plays out in various regions across the globe. Highlighting some measures taken to curb the menace by stakeholders, he also recommends suitable strategies for combating this cankerworm. You are sure to learn a lot from this book.

Click here https://bit.ly/Human-Trafficking- to buy.

  • Sieged

Looting of public wealth by politicians who behave like headhunters that have felled an elephant creates sieges in Bivan’s house from which neither ruler nor ruled, rich nor poor, can hope to escape alive or even remain sane! Both God and the Devil are suspects as the welfare of society falls to ruin on the streets.

A drunk sings a song that opens the eyes of a political thug to the absurdity of his condition: looters are plundering his inheritance while he fights beggars over alms… Riots break loose on the streets leaving a trail of blood and death in their wake.

A new power equation emerges in which Jamimi, a patriotic political leader, finds himself in a rain dance with demons that play tunes of hell on their flutes. A very awe-inspiring and entertaining story indeed.

Click here https://bit.ly/SIEGED to buy.

  • Lariba

Reading through Lariba, you may blame Jadili and you may also praise him. You may even build up a vocabulary of words to describe his person. But will anyone blame Lunn, the major character of this story, for naming her first child after Jadili, her childhood sweetheart and former lover?

For Lariba, life is a sort of roller coaster, and indeed she is made to face an emotional roller coaster due to human vagaries, but her husband, Michael, stabilises her life by making a strong statement to the fun seeker who parades himself as her guardian angel.

Filled with twist, suspense, struggle and tragedy — all about love, Lariba leaves you to contend that you may sometimes have no control over your emotions. Until you are done with this book, you are not likely to leave it for anything else.

Click here https://bit.ly/UPPLC-Lariba- to buy.

  • The House in the Tree

From an imaginary sky palace to real palace in the sky, The House in the Tree is the story of a young boy’s love for trees and his quest for their conversation. Encouraged by three supportive friends and an ideal father, Ezi lives out his dream of conquering sky masquerade, but the house in the tree also becomes the symbol of their collective commitment to environmental protection in their community as they all turn the playground where the boys have embarked on so many exciting adventures of a mystical tribe in a legendary Sky kingdom to a real forest preserved for posterity. Read this book for your entertaining pleasure.

Click here https://bit.ly/The-House-in-the-Tree to buy.

  • Undeterred: The Pendulum Swings On

This publication provides the author the opportunity to reminisce on the journey of his life leading up to 60 years on mother earth. It is a reflection of his early childhood, educational career, his adulthood, students’ union activism, his venture into politics, the ups and downs of the mucky waters of politics, public and family life, entrepreneurship, entertainment, philanthropy, challenges, and service to humanity.

It is aimed at inspiring the youth and adults alike towards having a positive attitude in life, encourage the development of good virtues such as dedication, hard work, purposefulness, trustworthiness, endurance, perseverance, team spirit and leadership skills in all endeavours.

Reflecting on the journey of life, the author concludes that all good things come from God, that after every sunset, there shall be a sunrise and that he who steals one’s purse, steals nothing but he who steals one’s good name steals everything.

Definitely, winners never quit and quitters never win. The journey of life is a race that must be fully experienced for the maturity of the soul. If you need encouragement to go through life’s journey, this book is for you.

Click here https://bit.ly/Undettered-The-Pendulum-Swings-On to buy.

  • The gods have lied
The gods have lied

The people of Amaowere and Umumba, two neighbouring villages, have had a feud festering between them for ages. After two Amaowere maidens are promised in marriage to the priest of Uguoffor, the guardian god of Umumba, as a punishment for desecrating its sacred shrine and the mysterious disappearance of a high chief of Amaowere, dramatic and strange events begin to unfold.

Will these events improve or further tear down the relationship between the two villages? Find out by getting a copy of this book now.

Click here https://bit.ly/The-gods-have-lied to buy.

  • Dictionary of Productivity Management

With over 2,500 entries, this dictionary is a reliable source of getting useful knowledge on business-related words, productivity terminologies, sayings, proverbs and abbreviations. A productivity practitioner and management consultant with vast experience in the various sectors of the Nigerian economy, the author, Emmanuel Olugbenga Bamiduro is a top management staff of the National Productivity Centre. He has over twenty-five years of public and private sector productivity science and management consulting experience involving numerous productivity and quality improvement projects. Read this book to increase your level of productivity in every sphere of life.

Click here https://bit.ly/Dictionary-of-Productivity-Management to buy.

  • Nigeria Why and When Things Go Wrong

The author presents the Nigerian situation in a very pragmatic fashion, identifying those little elements, which many do not consider seriously, and the roles which they play in the formation, conception, and development of society.

Although the language is highly sophisticated and analytic, it provides the needed template for an academic culture that is desirable, and should be desired for the sustenance of a tradition of excellence which is fast disappearing in academic circles. It is a work well done. A must-read for every well-meaning Nigerian citizen.

Click here https://bit.ly/Nigeria-Why-and-When-Things-Go-Wrong to buy.

You can also click here https://universitypressplc.com/shop/ to select from a wide array of educational, creative, literary and general interest books available for purchase.

By Janice Johnson Pemida

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