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Active Handwriting Workbook 3


Active Handwriting is very vital in the learning process. It is the last stage of the learning process and must be handled with utmost care especially at the child’s developmental stage.

This upgraded edition of Active Handwriting Workbook (1-5) is a complete handwriting series for 4 – 11 year olds to develop controlled, neat and fluid handwriting. It is a modern and comprehensive scheme that gradually introduces the pupil to the art of writing from pre-letter formation to the development of the alphabet and word formation, and through cursive handwriting to script formation.

The series is a complete scheme for developing legible handwriting for both children and adults. The message for the teacher provides information on the correct sitting posture, comfortable pencil grip and the correct paper position which are all so essential for good handwriting.

The exercises do not only provide enough practice for learners but also add to their knowledge with the rich information provided in diverse subject areas.

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