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Basic Science For Junior Secondary School Book 2


Basic Science and Technology for Junior Secondary Schools

Basic Science and Technology for Junior Secondary Schools (Basic Science) is a three – volume series written in line with the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Curriculum for Basic Science, developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

The series teaches science in an imaginative, investigative and experimentall way. This practical approach which involves laboratory and field work is a shift from the rote method of learning science.  Basic Science and Technology for Junior Secondary Schools (Basic Science), prepared for students in JSS 1-3 with an entirely new method of teaching in such a way as to give the students the thrill of experimentation and discovery, is structured in a way that makes learning participatory. This method replaces the teacher – centred approach with a student -centred approach.

The topics are arranged in themes and units such that the students will have a good grasp of the subject. Each unit has some objectives it sets to achieve. In order to realize this, the unit provides a simple presentation of topics with appropriate and well – labelled illustrations and activities. It concludes with a summary of the topics treated and summary questions and home work to evaluate students’ performance. Each volume is accompanied by a Workbook and Teachers’ Guide.

The series is written by experienced Scientists.

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