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History for Nigerian Junior Secondary Schools Book 2


HISTORY for Nigerian Junior Secondary Schools 1

History for Nigerian Junior Secondary Schools Books 1-3 is a three – book series written as educational materials following a directive from the Federal Government of Nigeria to reinstate History into the secondary school curriculum.

The books are written by notable authors in conformity with NERDC standards and treats selected topics in Nigerian history ranging from sources of Nigerian history, historical sites in Nigeria, centralised and non centralised states in pre – colonial Nigeria, inter – relations of some centres of civilisation in precolonial Nigeria, Ghana, Mali and Songhai empires, the Trans  -Saharan trade , early European contacts in Nigeria , the evolution and amalgamation  of the Nigerian State to the era of independence.

Content organisation consistently follows the pattern of theme, topic, objectives and unit arrangement. Illustrations are added to help students understand history topics better and each chapter is concluded with revision questions to test students’ understanding of the topics treated.

The book therefore is an invaluable asset to students who want to excel in the study of history

A workbook accompanies each book.

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