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By Janice Johnson Pemida

The examination period is usually a very important season, yet quite stressful for students. This is because everyone likes to excel in examinations and the key to an outstanding performance is to study and be well-prepared before the time.

However, students sometimes find it difficult to manage their preparation period. This is why we have come up with these four simple tips to help students utilize their preparation time better in order to excel in all their examinations; both internal and external.


Start studying early enough. Don’t wait till the last minute. Some students seem to thrive on last-minute cramming. If you are one of such students, the truth is, it is not the best way to approach any examination. Cramming means you are studying just to pass the examination. A good student does not just study to pass exams but to gain knowledge.

Moreover, when you cram at the last minute, there is the possibility of forgetting some of the things you have crammed due to examination tension. So to avoid this and to be a better student, always start studying long before the examination timetable is out. This way, all you have to do when examinations are approaching is to revise and review everything that you have already studied. Last-minute cramming is much less productive. Ultimately, starting early is the best and easiest way to achieve success in all your examinations.


 Find a very quiet and serene environment where you feel as comfortable and able to focus as possible. Also ensure it is well illuminated for your studies and has enough space for you to spread your textbooks and notes out.

Once that is established, get rid of all distractions. You may even need to do away with your mobile phones, put off televisions, video games and anything that can distract you while reading.

If you live in an environment that is usually noisy during the day, you can resort to midnight reading. In fact, reading at midnight has proven to be more effective because you get to enjoy abundance of peace and quiet, fewer distractions and a clearer mind for comprehension.


The brain needs time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. If you think it is best to study for as many hours as possible when preparing for an examination, you may be wrong because this can actually be counterproductive. Studies have shown that if you want a long-term retention of knowledge, taking regular breaks can do the trick. Sustained mental energy is required for excellent performance in examinations. So while studying, take some time to unwind, rest, sleep, watch television, listen to music and do something that helps you relax for a while then go back to reading.

When preparing for examinations, consider how much time you are be able to manage each day and work it out accordingly. This will also help you to avoid a nervous breakdown. After all, apart from gaining the knowledge required to perform well in your examinations, you also need to be in the right frame of mind, free from stress and any ill-health in order to perform optimally. So do not overstudy to the extent of breaking down.


Reading only from textbooks and notes is not enough to prepare for an examination. One of the most effective ways to prepare for examinations is to practise with past questions from previous exams. This is why you need to add exam-focused textbooks to your study pack. These types of textbooks will help you see the format and formulation of likely questions so you can know what to expect. It also serves as a worthy practice for evaluating your performance and to know the duration of time you will need for the actual exam.

An excellent example of such revision textbooks is the Exam Focus Series published by University Press Plc. This is an ever-reliable revision series that covers every aspect of the syllabi of the Senior School Certificate Examinations conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO). The series also takes care of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) syllabus.

Apart from placing emphasis on the technicalities of answering questions at examinations, candidates are also exposed to many model questions and answers and numerous standard revision questions on every aspect examined in these external examinations.

These books are highly recommended and a must-have when preparing for all kinds of examinations, especially external examinations.

You can buy copies of Exam Focus on any subject via:

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or call +234 – 812 151 5795 to place your orders.

You can also buy from here 👉https://bit.ly/3uM25Sz

Finally, studying and preparing is vital to success in any examination. Hence, if you follow the above tips, you can always be sure of an excellent result.

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