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The Ballot and the Sanctuary published and marketed by University Press Plc is an extremely powerful story of Josiah, who leaves his congregation in Ohanmi village to seek a white collar job in the city. When what he meets in the city contradicts his expectations, he hurries back to the village only to discover that his subordinate, Enoch, has won some members of his congregation and established his own church.

Enoch wields a growing influence as a pastor to the envy of his master, Josiah. He also has a whole lot of his master’s secrets which must not be revealed to the populace. He becomes politically conscious to the extent of instigating the electorate against Honourable Esabamen during an electioneering campaign.

Enoch must be brought down for Josaih to win back his lost sheep and maintain a living. Certainly, Enoch is the nemesis of Honourable Esabamen for making the opportunity of his re-election dicey. But will they both succeed in fighting this common enemy? What strategy will the Honourable employ to ensure his re-election? The hidden answers to these questions form the suspense with which this play is plotted to reveal religious hypocrisy, corruption and political insincerity.

This book encompasses how spiritual leaders indulge in hypocrisy and religious rivalry and how political leaders partake in corruption. It is centred on a village where self-proclaimed men of God harbour dirty secrets, commit treacherous acts and leech off their congregation.

The political leader, Honourable Esabamen, seeks to use the villagers as a tool in acquiring wealth for himself and the most ironical part is how Pastor Enoch condemns this bottom barrel behaviour and yet his hands are soiled.

Find out in this intriguing play how Pastor Josiah perverted justice and concocted a plan with the politician, Honourable Esabamen, to manipulate the result of the votes in his church.

This story plays itself out in real life. It is a must-read for both children and adults. The book is filled with life lessons and also educates children, who are not oblivious to the moral decadence that occurs in society.

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By Janice J. Pemida

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