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Life Empowerment Pillars Vol.II


In this book, the author has been able to successfully justify that ” a man’s maximum value to God and Mankind can only be achieved when his potential equals or approximately equals his purpose. He then proceeded to teach those values that will draw potential and purpose together or nearer each other for a man’s enhanced value to the universe. These values are supported with life propositions that will make an individual’s life an adventure. The purpose of life is to live adventurously, to serve and be served, build an inner peace and leave a mark at the time of departure to heaven.

After a thorough review of different theories, literatures and books on the subject matter of destiny, Agboola concludes that destiny is a process; the process of matching potential with purpose. For a man to make a difference in society, he has to add value to his generation and enjoy life as an adventure; his preoccupation should be to match his potential with the purpose for which he has been created.

The relationship between potential and purpose produces what the author calls ” Destiny Regression Line ” which he uses to illustrate how to achieve one’s destiny and live a life of ADVENTURE.
This is a book worth reading. It is unputdownable as it prompts the reader to either DO or WRITE something worth remembering.

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