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New Oxford Secondary English Course for Senior Secondary Schools (1) New Edition


This new edition of New Oxford Secondary English Course (NOSEC) has been specially packaged to comprehensively meet the requirements of the national curriculum for senior secondary schools. It is designed to be used either as a class textbook in the normal way, or if necessary for self-study. The text is student-centred. Therefore, full practical guidance is provided throughout and especially in oral and written production. The Introductory Units provide a guide on how both the students and teachers should go about each part of their work.

The book consolidates the various skills already acquired by students at the junior secondary school; provides students with a good linguistic basis for further learning in tertiary and vocational institutions; equips school-leavers with a satisfactory level of proficiency in English Language usage in their places of employment; and promotes skills in spoken English as a medium for international and national communication. This edition has been divided into Three Terms of ten Study Units per term. Each unit contains Spoken English, Structure and Comprehension while Listening Comprehension, Continuous Writing, Summary, Punctuation and Vocabulary Development are treated in every other unit. Any student who needs to communicate effectively in English Language is expected to possess adequate vocabulary, without which their ability to communicate will be hampered. In this new edition, vocabulary items that cover all areas of need and interest have been highlighted. Students will come across words associated with the home and family, agriculture, health, sports religion. Profession, building, etc, as required by the new curriculum. The book also contains some model expressions meant to consolidate the students’ understanding of some of the comprehension passages as they relate to the context of usage and other parts of English. The comprehension passages have been carefully selected to stimulate students’ interest, and questions are asked in line with WASSCE and SSCE standards.

Revision and Assessment exercises are set at the end of every term to ensure that the new topic is thoroughly revised and that students’ progress is regularly monitored, tested and assessed. The Reference Section summarizes the topics on structure, provides a punctuation chart and contains a list of the sounds of English and regular and irregular verbs. A Workbook and a Teacher’s Guide are also available for each year’s work.

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