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Social Studies (with Security Education) for Junior Secondary Schools Book 3


  • SOCIALSTUDIES(with Security Education)for Junior Secondary Schools 1
  • Social Studies (with Security Education) for JuniorSecondary Schools is a three- volume series written in linewith the new curriculum for social studies developed by theNigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) for upper basic education.
  • This new edition combines social studies with securityeducation and exposes students to a variety of ideas andinformation that deals with living a security -conscious life ina contemporary society marked by diverse peoples andculture. Issues discussed range from fundamentals of socialstudieseducation, the environment, the family as the basicunit of society, culture and social values, social and healthissues to common crimes and security management. Further,efforts have been made to present these topics in simplelanguage and enhanced with appropriate photographs andillustrations to expose students to social experiences that willenable them have the basic knowledge, the required attitudeand the needed traits to make informed decisions andcollectively deal with social problems that confront people.
  • The books are written and designed for teachers andstudents. Every chapter contains revision questions andactivities that engage the students and make learningparticipatory. A workbook accompanies each volume.
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